Why do I read this stuff?

Once started, I felt I had to finish the damned thing. Once finished, I felt I could not avoid reviewing it. Much of the weekend slipped away as a result. Go to Recent to see what I am talking about. … Continue reading

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SOLAR – Ian McEwan (2010, Jonathan Cape, £18.99; ISBN: 978-0-224-09049-0)

There’s a revealing passage about 200 pages into this novel. In a flashback sequence McEwan’s protagonist Michael Beard is starting his third year at Oxford, when he hears about a promisingly sexy undergraduate called Maisie Farmer. Maisie is reading English, … Continue reading

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It’s out

Why is it that publication day is always such a damp squib? Well, here it is: The Islanders is finally out in the world. Celebrations began shortly after 8:30 am with a bowl of Special K and a cup of … Continue reading

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No Thing Doing

I have already mentioned on this site that I should be appearing at QUAD in Derby on Wednesday 14th September (i.e. tomorrow, as I write). I regret to say this has been cancelled at short notice. It was to be … Continue reading

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