Done Proper

The present incarnation of this website began in October 2010, when I was relieved to report that I had at last delivered the MS of my novel, The Islanders. In fact I had sent it in during August, cunningly coinciding … Continue reading

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ME AND KAMINSKI – Daniel Kehlmann; trans. Carol Brown Janeway. (2009, Quercus, £7.99; ISBN: 978-1-84724-989-0)

Me and Kaminski was first published in Germany in 2003; it was not translated into English until 2008, and this is the paperback edition. Kehlmann is admirably going about proving that Germans have a light and infectious sense of humour, … Continue reading

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THE SENSE OF AN ENDING – Julian Barnes (2011, Jonathan Cape, £12.99; ISBN: 978-0-224-09415-3)

Julian Barnes is an admired writer, respected by literary editors, praised by reviewers and presumably rewarded by a large readership. I don’t get it. I’ve read at least five of his books in the past, and have always been able … Continue reading

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Rob’s Oak

To Victory Wood, near Whitstable in Kent, to visit the oaken bench and newly planted oak tree to commemorate the life and work of our friend, Rob Holdstock. Rob died unexpectedly at the end of 2009, leaving a gap in … Continue reading

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A RUSSIAN NOVEL – Emmanuel Carrère; trans. Linda Coverdale (2010, Serpent’s Tail, £10.99, ISBN: 978-1-84668-085-4)

Carrère is one of the best current writers in France. This book, allegedly a novel, but in fact a work of fiction based (apparently) on a great deal of personal experience, is one of the most unusual I have read … Continue reading

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Things Update, updated

See Things Update, below. In an earlier post I got the date wrong. The event in Derby at QUAD is on the 14th September, not as shown before. All other details remain the same. Sorry. (Belated thought: good job I … Continue reading

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Here at last is the final version of the Gollancz cover of The Islanders. The artist is Grady McFerrin. Meanwhile, complimentary copies of ‘hand-crafted’ bookmarks, based on images from the novel, are still obtainable. Any GrimGrin book ordered through this … Continue reading

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Things Update

Currently confirmed CP appearances in the near future: 14th September – QUAD, Derby. See the QUAD / Creative Boom website for more information. An “Evening with CP”: at 7:00 pm a reading from new novel The Islanders, followed by an … Continue reading

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When J. G. Ballard met Keith Roberts

In today’s Guardian G2 supplement, Chris Hall has an article about the opening of the J. G. Ballard archive at the British Library. Fascinating stuff. (For link, see below.) Part of Hall’s argument is that there is little insight in … Continue reading

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